24 Fun & Interesting North Carolina Facts! Capital, Map, History

Want to know about North Carolina? North Carolina is different in a lot of ways, and its history, culture, and even food are all interesting to read about.

Interesting North Carolina Facts

Why Is North Carolina Called The Tarheel State?

Shipwrights were always looking for North Carolina’s less desirable goods, like tar, pitch, and turpentine. It was a messy job to get the materials out of the ground. It was pretty common for workers to leave their jobs with tar on their feet.

Tar became a big part of the state’s legends. During the Revolutionary War, North Carolina soldiers got a good name for themselves. The State’s armies didn’t know what it meant to “retreat” like they had tar on their boots.

North Carolina Facts

How About A Side Of Sweet Potatoes?

This is one of my favorite interesting facts about North Carolina because I like sweet potatoes so much. North Carolina grows more than half of the sweet potatoes that are eaten in the United States.

It’s the perfect place for potatoes to grow, with fertile flatlands in the middle and east of the state and a touch of sweet southern hospitality to finish the dish.

From the mountains to the sea, you can get them cooked in many different ways, like boiled, mashed, or fried.

North Carolina Is Craft Beer Capital

Compared to other southern states, North Carolina has the most breweries per person than any other state. The state has set aside the whole month of April every year to celebrate the imbibe.

Even though the state’s brewing industry is based in Asheville, beer lovers can find great places to drink in any town with a general store.

North Carolina Has The Oldest Public University

In 1795, the University of North Carolina started giving classes. It was the first public university in the United States.

Before the turn of the century, this university graduated the first group of students in the country who were paid for by the government. It is still a great place to learn today.

Early leaders didn’t waste any time, and the school was started a full month after North Carolina became a state.

North Carolina Is Home To America’s Largest Mansion

George Vanderbilt, an early railroad magnate, planned the Biltmore Estate as a private retreat for himself.

It is now one of Asheville’s most popular tourist destinations. The business tycoon made enough money to build the most luxurious private home in the country.

North Carolina Facts

The architect, Richard Hunt, built a four-acre compound with more than 250 rooms. It was well worth the six years it took to build this house.

Over seventy-five acres of the mansion are open to the public, so people can walk around and look at the impressive building.

12th State In The Union

North Carolina is the last of the original 13 colonies to join the United States. Also, it was one of the last states to vote to leave the Union.

Even though North Carolina didn’t officially say what it thought until April 1860, after the Civil War had already started, it didn’t hold back from letting people know what it thought. It was the tenth state to officially leave the Union.

Sweet Caroline

The state of North Carolina got its name from a man named Charles. This country once belonged to the English, and its rightful ruler was King Charles I, who was killed in a failed coup. Years later, his son fought for and won the throne.

He did this in part to restore the legitimacy of the English royal family by paying tribute to his dad in the New World.

Is A Pepsi Okay?

Maybe you didn’t know this interesting fact about North Carolina, the “Tar Heel State.” The southern sweetness in Pepsi-key Cola comes from the South. North Carolina is to blame for the trial-and-error process that led to the drink’s final form.

From its humble beginnings as New Burn, the company has grown to become Coca-biggest Cola’s competitor around the world.

A pharmacist came up with the recipe because he wanted to make a healthier option that tasted just as good as the market leaders. Pepsi is competing with other big soda makers right now.

Sherman’s Retirement

The last battle of the Civil War took place in North Carolina. In 1865, the last large Confederate regiment led by Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to William Sherman’s Union army, ending the war.

When Johnston said that Robert E. Lee had given up in Virginia, the Confederate forces’ morale went down. During many meetings between the two generals in what is now Durham, they talked at length about the conditions for giving up.

Falling Water

In the Tar Heel State, people like to go looking for waterfalls. No whitewater kayaker would ever risk kayaking down Whitewater Falls. The cascades are the longest waterfall in the Southeast.

They are in the Nantahala National Forest and drop nearly 800 feet in several stages into a canyon surrounded by trees. From where you can see the waterfall, at the bottom, rainbows are a common sight.

Because the falls are so big, some of the water flows into South Carolina from North Carolina, where it started. All of the different forests in the state have waterfalls.

Highest Point East Of The Mississippi

The Appalachian Mountains divide most of western North Carolina. The top of Mount Mitchell is 6,684 feet above sea level.

The Cherokee Indians gave the mountain its original name, Attakulla. Later, the name was changed to honor the university professor who did the first study of the area.

The professor let the mountain take his attention, and in the end, it was the mountain that killed him. At the moment, the hill is where the unique Assault on Mount Mitchell mountain bike race takes place. People come from all over the United States to take part.

Hikers go to Mount Mitchell in North Carolina all the time.

After a look from the top and miles of switchbacks, hikers move carefully down Heartbreak ridge.

A Graveyard At Sea

The North Carolina Outer Banks stick out awkwardly into the Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, they are often criticized. More than a thousand ships have gone missing after leaving Cape Hatteras, North Carolina’s most eastern point.

Some of the biggest factors could have been the environment or things going on at night. After 19 years of stealing from ships coming and going from Ocracoke Island, Blackbeard’s ship was finally sunk by British forces.

Pirates are said to have buried a lot of money on the coast’s farthest points on many sunken ships.

Lift Off!

You’ll see almost right away that North Carolina was the first state to take off. In many states, this is how license plates are called. Kitty Hawk is well-known as the place where the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight. The brothers chose to go to the beach because it was just smooth sand.

In 1903, the boys flew for 12 seconds thanks to onshore breezes, human creativity, and a small amount of gasoline.

North Carolina Facts

Now, the same wind conditions that made the Wright Brothers’ invention possible are perfect for kite flying, and a monument honoring their work marks the spot where the first airplane flew.

Sat Down To Take A Stand

Four black men sat down at a Woolworth’s store’s segregated lunch counter and refused to leave. After five months and a crowded counter, the bar finally agreed to let people sit wherever they wanted. The sit-ins in Greensboro, North Carolina, were a turning point in the fight for civil rights in the 1960s.

Six years after legal segregation ended, it was still against the law for blacks and whites to sit together in public. These brave teens held a peaceful protest, and you could hear their voices for miles.

First Colony

In 1587, the English tried to start a colony on Roanoke Island. For a short time, the colony did well. One of the people who lived there was the first native American who could speak English. The colony’s leader tried to go to England to get supplies, but he was held there for three years.

The colony was gone by the time the governor got back. Every year, historians find new things that help them figure out what happened to the first British settlers. A lot of people think it was the first real crime novel.

NC Is The Furniture Capital Of The World

High Point has made the bold claim that it is the center of the international furniture industry. Without a doubt, a big part of all the furniture made in the country comes from the city.

The label is more than a hundred years old. High Point was in a great place to take advantage of the many forest resources in the area because it was close to the Southern Railways.

With sales of nearly $6 billion a year, High Point is still a major place to make high-end furniture.

Hurricane Magnet

Every 3.44 years, there is a hurricane on the east coast of North Carolina. The Hurricanes are the name of the local hockey team, which is a way for the state to make fun of the disaster.

The worst of this storm hit Roanoke Island, which is at the southern end of the Outer Banks. During Hurricane Florence, a lot of water flooded the island. People in the area are used to picking up the pieces after bad things happen.

The House That Built Babe

Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville in 1914, when he was still called George. As word of his fame spread across the country, his original name, “Dunn’s baby,” was quickly shortened to “Mr. Ruth.”

Ruth finished his career with a slugging percentage that has never been matched since. Babe Ruth started out in North Carolina, but it was with the New York Yankees that he became famous.

Land Of The Pines

The official state tree of North Carolina is the pine tree. There are eight different types of pine trees that grow naturally in the state, and they are still used a lot in building. Different kinds of pine trees cover the western mountain ranges of North Carolina. This gives the area its own personality.

Poets and musicians often write about the unique landscape of North Carolina.

Presidential Upbringing

James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson, and Andrew Johnson all grew up in the “tar heel” state. Their opinions and views on the country as a whole were affected by where they were at the time, which was their home state.

President Polk was a strong believer in “manifest destiny,” and he encouraged thousands of Americans to move west.

Some people really admire Andrew Jackson, while others find him very offensive. Andrew Johnson was not a good choice to take over as president after Abraham Lincoln.

Home Of The Venus Flytrap

Even though Venus is a native species to North Carolina, it hasn’t done much to solve the state’s persistent fly problem.

The traps used to be common in both North and South Carolina, but because of what people do, they are now considered a vulnerable species.

Several farms are dedicated to growing this rare plant, and they hope to turn the tide of the war by making Venus flytraps that are better than the ones being sold.

Up On Freedom Hill

Slaves who fought for the Union and were eventually freed set up the first city of freed slaves after the war ended. In 1885, they found out where it was and called it “Freedom Hill.”

North Carolina Facts

When the white settlers no longer saw any value in the land, they gave it to the troops. This gave the troops new opportunities, which changed their lives.

It was changed to Princeville and is still known as the oldest town in the U.S. that was founded by people of African descent.

Christmas Is Always On The Mind

North Carolina grows between 15% and 20% of all Douglas fir trees in the United States. In the western highlands of the state, where the winters are colder, there are a lot of fir trees. This is because the trees make a beautiful background.

In North Carolina, it takes about 15 years to grow a Christmas tree at home. Farms cover the whole side of a mountain, and each row shows how fast the population is expected to grow.

Thousands Of Years Of History

Native Americans made clay tools that have been found to be more than 3,000 years old. Most of the 40,000 or so North Carolinians who welcomed the Europeans to their shores were from the Tuscarora, Catawba, and Cherokee Indian tribes, as well as some smaller tribes.

There are still about 100,000 Native Americans who live in North Carolina. The Seagrove Potters are known for continuing to make things the same way they have for thousands of years.

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