25 Fun Facts About South Carolina You Probably Didn’t Know! Latest

From Charleston to Greenville, there are so many cool and interesting things about South Carolina that you don’t know.

It’s a great place to visit if you’re interested in history, nature, or even just trying new foods and drinks.

Let’s talk about some interesting facts about South Carolina that you could use at your next party.

Fun Facts About South Carolina

South Carolina Is Called The Palmetto State

South Carolina’s state tree is the Sabal Palmetto, so it makes sense that this palmetto-based name has become the most common for the state. Even though the bark of the tree looked like it could be bent, it was actually very strong.

The trees were great for building forts because their trunks and bark were so strong. During the Revolutionary War, the woods protected the fortress from the cannon fire, so the defenders could stay put.

Facts About South Carolina

In today’s laid-back world, palmetto trees are often used to make hammocks, hats, and even floors. Even though it is not the most common type of tree in the state, many people love the State Tree. The tree is a big part of the state flag, which is why it is so important.

South Carolina Boasts 2,876 Miles Of Coastal Shoreline

South Carolina is in the middle of the East Coast, and it has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Even though the whole state’s coastline is only 187 miles long, the 2,876 miles of beautiful coastline along the eastern border are stunning. South Carolina has a lot of great beaches, and they are all different.

A coastal shoreline is the whole area along the ocean’s edge, including the land between the sea and the land. It has a coastline of about 3,000 kilometers, which makes it the 11th longest in the United States. Most of it is open to exploration.

There Are Plenty Of Waterfalls

Raven Cliff Falls is a popular place to visit because it is South Carolina’s tallest waterfall.

At the top of the waterfall, water falls more than 400 feet into a large pool.

South Carolina has a lot of waterfalls, but none of them are as beautiful as Raven Cliff Falls. There are many trails that lead to the top or bottom of the falls.


The harvest of trees in South Carolina brings in a lot more money than any other crop. Every year, South Carolina lumber worth more than $800 million is bought and sold.

Because the area has good growing conditions, it makes a wide range of wood and wood products that are in high demand all over the country.

When it comes to farm products, chickens are king. Each year, they bring in $100 million in exports.

Peaches Are Special Here

As soon as I tell someone this fact about the Palmetto State, I become a hit. Several southern states want to be called “peach country.”

Georgia has made a formal claim to the fruit, but South Carolina is the main peach grower in the area. It makes almost as many peaches as California, which is the only other state in the U.S.

Facts About South Carolina

The peach is the official fruit of the state of South Carolina. In the north of the state, where the mountains blow cool air down in the summer, fruit stands do well.

How She Got Her Name

King Charles I of England is the person who gave his name to both South Carolina and North Carolina. King Charles II chose the names of the states as a way to honor the work of his father.

They tried to remove King Charles I from power. After eleven years without a ruler, England’s Charles II regained control and the throne in 1860.

Unfortunately, his father wasn’t as lucky. When the coup was at its worst, revolutionary forces cut off his head.

The Blues Run The Game

In the 18th century, most of South Carolina’s exports were made from the indigo plant. This made the plant very important to the growth of the state. There are still many places in the state where the much-sought-after bright blue plants can be found.

During the summer, many of the first people to live in South Carolina could “make a living” by gathering indigo to sell to the British textile industry. The building kept making money for the state until synthetic colors became more popular.

Old Black Water

The coast of South Carolina is now one with the water. Because of this interaction, new and interesting types of wetland forests have been made. Because they came from parts of the East Coast that are now underwater, the hardwood forests there are prone to flooding.

When the Congaree and Wateree rivers met, South Carolina was flooded and the water level never went down. The oldest bottomland hardwood forest in the world can be found in South Carolina.

No Monkey Business

Off the coast of South Carolina’s Eastern Seaboard, on an island with no people, there are more than 3,000 monkeys. This 2,000-acre Lowcountry Barrier island, also called “monkey island,” is home to Rhesus monkeys.

Facts About South Carolina

Even though people can’t land on Monkey Island, those who want to see the primates up close can sail along the coast.

The species was brought here to test, but it ended up settling on an island without any predators. There are no other places in the USA where monkeys are free to roam.

What Is The Tallest Mountain In South Carolina?

Sassafras Mountain, which stands at 3,562 feet, is the highest point in the state. Sassafras is one of the best walks in South Carolina.

Even though it is far from the other peaks in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, it gets thousands of visitors every year.

It’s not easy to get to the top, but once you do, you’ll be able to see the whole state.

8th State In The Union

South Carolina is known for having some of the first land in the Americas that was settled by Europeans. South Carolina was the eighth state to join the union. Its location on the Atlantic coast may have helped it grow quickly.

South Carolina wasn’t always happy about being part of the Union. In December 1860, they were the first people to decide to leave the Union.

Healing Water Powers

South Carolina’s clean water has helped people live and grow for thousands of years. Some of the water goes to waste.

In Blackville, South Carolina, there is a holy stream that only flows when the Holy Spirit wants it to. People in the area used this water because it was good for them.

During the American Revolution, Native Americans led British soldiers to this spring so they could drink the water, which was said to be good for them.

Home Of The Arkangel Oak

The Angel Oak is the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi River. It lives on St. Johns Island, South Carolina. The furthest branch from the trunk of the tree is more than 30 feet away. You can trace it back over 1,500 years.

The tree provides a lot of shade, and the grassy area under it is nice and cool, so it’s a great spot for a picnic.

Get To Shaggin’

The Shag is what comes to mind when you think of South Carolina. Swing is a lively shuffle dance from the American South. It has six counts and eight steps. The seasonal workers in Myrtle Beach were bound to give rise to the smooth dance scene.

African-Americans were some of the first people to learn this style of dancing, and they used to party to its beats on hot summer nights. In Myrtle Beach, there are still a few well-known nightclubs that keep the party going.

Shots Fired!

During the Civil War, South Carolina was the site of many important events. Fort Sumter was held by the Union.

When Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, the war started. The south took over the fort the next day, which set off a much bigger explosion.

Later in the war, Northern forces did a lot of damage to South Carolina. General Grant focused a lot on hitting infrastructure all over the state to bring down morale.

SC Is The Golf Capital Of The World

Within 60 miles of Myrtle Beach, there are more than 80 golf courses, and some of them have won national awards. There are also other world-class golf courses on a few of the barrier islands nearby.

Since the first American round of golf was played in the Holy City, it makes sense that South Carolina would become a popular place for golf.

Facts About South Carolina

South Carolina has been known for its world-class golf for as long as anyone can remember. The 2021 PGA Championship will be held at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, which is in the middle of the South Carolina coast.

Here, Anything Is Possible

Most of Kevin Garnett’s rebounds came from Minnesota, but his first dunks happened on the hardwood in South Carolina.

The star player was born in Greenville, South Carolina, and during his great high school basketball career at Mauldin, he broke down barriers based on race.

Mary-Louise Parker, James Brown, and “Big Show,” the WWE champion, are all South Carolinians who are known all over the world.

South Carolina Is The Birthplace Of Sweet Tea

South Carolina is also interesting because it is where sweet tea was first made. South Carolina has said that they are the Sultans of Sweet Tea, which might make some southern restaurants nervous.

Summerville, South Carolina, was the first place to bring tea leaves to the area, and it is still one of the few places in the United States where the plant is grown commercially.

The Name Couldn’t Be A Better Fit.

People on the Sweet Tea Trail are drawn to Summerville, USA, because the city is proud of its sweet past. The trail begins by going through old plantations and ends up in the middle of Summerville.

At the end of the route is Mason, the biggest ice tea in the world. Mason has made 2.524 million gallons of sweet tea for you and 450 of your best friends.

67 % Loblolly

Two-thirds of South Carolina is covered in woods, which makes it a beautiful place to spend the weekend, a good place to find natural resources, and a cool place to watch a game.

Loblolly pines, oaks, and pines make up most of the state’s forests. In the fall, the many tree species in South Carolina put on a colorful show.

You’ll Find The Largest Ginkgo Farm In The World

Even though Ginkgo isn’t as popular as it used to be as a way to improve memory, the tree is still grown all over South Carolina. The biggest Ginkgo farm in the world is outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

More than 12 million Ginkgo Trees make Garnay Inc. a lot of money every year.

More Like A “Fortune Whisperer”

If you tell fortunes without a license, you could get a fine from the state or even go to jail. Fortune tellers who have been proven to be good at what they do can apply for one of a small number of licenses that allow them to legally tell the future.

Take Me To Your Leader

A South Carolina airport would be a nice place for aliens to land if they ever came to Earth. In Bowman, there is a UFO Information Center.

Facts About South Carolina

This space is made with the idea that people from other planets will visit. If the guests come in the middle of the summer, the air conditioning will help them cool down.

Tips The Scoville Scale

It’s one of the things I like best about living in the Palmetto State. South Carolina peppers have a taste that is all their own.

Flavorful peppers grown in the state are combined with the long history of cooking in the state to make hot sauces, wings, and barbecue that are one of a kind.

All of this work to start fires led to the Carolina Reaper chili pepper.

This spice is the hottest chili pepper in the world, according to the law. It has about the same level of heat as the pepper spray that police usually use.

10,000 Years Of History

South Carolina has been inhabited by people for more than 10,000 years. The Catawba and the Cherokee are the two largest tribes that came from the original people of North America.

Europeans found their way to South Carolina in 1521, when Spanish sailors headed there to start a colony.

They failed, just like the French did in 1562. Charleston was the first city in the state to be built, and it is still the state capital.

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