15+ Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC to Enjoy a Beer

There are a lot of great breweries in Wilmington, North Carolina. North Carolina has more breweries than any other state in the South.

This may come as a surprise. Some of North Carolina’s best beaches are in Wilmington, which is known as the “beeriest beach town in America.”

Take it easy with a cool beer and a breeze from the water. You can walk from one brewery to the next, making it the perfect place for a craft beer crawl.

We’re here at BeerAdventure.com to help you find the best beer for your tastes. Here are some of Wilmington’s best breweries for you to check out.

Best Breweries In Wilmington

Wrightsville Beach Brewery

Stop by the Wrightsville Beach Brewery after a day at one of Wilmington’s best beaches for a cool change of pace.

They are committed to being good citizens and taking care of the environment. The sales of Beer of the Month are used to raise awareness about the environment and help charity partners.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

With a 20-barrel system and 40 taps, the beautiful beer garden has plenty of drinks for everyone. The Wilmywood Wit is the perfect beer for a day at the beach in North Carolina. It’s light and hoppy, and it smells like lemon and flowers.

Beer lovers will be happy to hear that the food at this beachside brewery in Wilmington is just as good as the beers. Adding fancy versions of bar staples like pizza and po’ boys. Po’ boy pizza combines the best things from both worlds.

Edward Teach Brewing

Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, was the most famous pirate to sail along the Carolina coast.

This downtown Wilmington brewery pays tribute to him by being in a remodeled firehouse that is more than a century old. The building in Brooklyn’s Arts District that looks like a ship is full of ideas.

This place is part of Wilmington’s maritime history, and it’s a great place to catch some rays and drink something cool while taking in the sights. There aren’t as many beers to choose from, but each one is great.

Two of the five basic beers on tap are Scallywag Session IPA and Black Spot Black Lager. It’s one of our favorite and most unusual places to stop on the Cape Fear craft.

Front Street Brewery

Since it opened in 1995, this great restaurant and brewery in Wilmington has been serving delicious craft drinks and food to both locals and tourists.

It is becoming an important part of the beer scene in Wilmington. Everyone agrees that the brewmaster knows a lot about beer. This is clear from the five flagship beers that are always on tap, the special seasonal beers, and the oak-aged series.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

It’s a great place to order a flight and try drinks from different taps. The Papa Don’t Peach Sour and the Java the Hut Porter are two seasonal beers that taste just as good as the always-popular Coastal Kolsch. They give free tours with samples to show off how well they make their microbrews.

It has a large menu and stays open late. You can also just walk in. There are big servings of all the traditional dishes from the Carolinas.

Flytrap Brewing

This microbrewery, which is in the old city center, is a must-see for anyone who likes beer. The owner started making beer in his garage and now makes well-balanced, tasty beers. The name comes from the Venus Flytrap, which is the official carnivorous plant of the state. The beers live up to the name.

Along with its many other unique features, Wilmington is also the only place on Earth where the Venus Flytrap grows naturally. Their goal is to show customers how to take good care of the plant.

The Flytrap serves mostly American and Belgian Ales, and customers can choose between full and half pours. Everything is made in very small amounts, so it is always fresh every day.

Local artists’ work is displayed in different ways all over the space, giving it a warm and interesting feel. In the beer garden, people can relax with a cold beer and listen to music from new bands.

There are often Pints for a Purpose events, so check the schedule. You can get tasty snacks from the food truck parked nearby to go with your microbrew.

Waterman’s Brewing

On your way to Wrightsville Beach, stop at Waterman’s Brewing. Just off Eastwood Road, you can find this great brewery in Wilmington. The beer list has been updated, and now it has some very good choices like Lil’ A’s Juicy IPA and Citrus Samurai.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

On their busy evening menu, you can get great tacos and burgers. On the weekends, they also have a great brunch menu.

Ironclad Brewing

This popular brewery and event space in Wilmington, North Carolina, is named after a type of ship that was built there during the Civil War.

The building was built in the 1920s and has been fixed up. To keep the building’s historic look, the brick walls were left alone, and other parts of the renovation were used wherever possible.

The room is very light and airy because it has high ceilings and exposed beams.

In addition to a wide range of beers, they also have brewed drinks like kombucha and hard seltzers. The Smoked Honey Lager and the Navigator Double Bock are two beers that any beer fan should try.

New Anthem Beer Project

If you have a fear of taste, New Anthem is not for you. The New Anthem Beer Company isn’t afraid to try out new styles of beer, especially those that tend to be hoppier and darker.

If you’re a beer expert who likes subtle changes in taste, this is the place to go, since they’re always improving and adding to their draft beer selection.

The laid-back atmosphere is great for a quiet chat with friends or some time to yourself with a pint. This brewery’s beers have names like “Throwing Shade” and “Hold My Beer” that come from popular phrases.

It gets ideas from both traditional methods and new ideas. There is always a batch of sour beer being made at New Anthem.

Flying Machine Brewing Company

The Flying Machine is a huge paradise for people who like good drinks. It’s about 17,000 square feet, has two floors, a game room, 22 taps, and a big terrace outside. In the process of making beer, there is a lot of room for experimentation.

They use both old and new techniques to make a wide range of yeast-based treats. Using a process called “mixed culture,” they make many different kinds of beer, from pale ales to hazy IPAs.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

Flying Machine has a barrel and sour program, and they work with Counter Culture to provide an in-house coffee service.

Those who like to try new things can get a peanut butter and jelly beer Bag Lunch or a frozen sour Oops, they’re all raspberries. If you want something easy to drink but still tasty, try the Plane Arms Helles or the Dreamy Eyes cream ale.

From the nearby Cross City Trail, you can run, walk, or ride your bike to Flying Machine for a pint you won’t soon forget.

Wilmington Brewing Company

This Wilmington brewery is in the middle of the city. It started out as a small home brewing business, but now it has a comfortable taproom from which it serves Charlotte pints made from local ingredients. They have weekly brewing demos and a homebrew supply store to get you interested in making crafts.

There are 15 different drafts to choose from, and new and interesting options are often added. You can get a pint, a growler, a crowler, or even a keg to take home or to a nearby beach to drink.

The Jalapeno Saison is a seasonal beer that is very refreshing, and the Tropical Lightning IPA is an old favorite that has stood the test of time. You can try many different kinds of beer at WBC.

On the weekends, there are food trucks, a patio where people can drink with their pets, and friendly games of cornhole.

Waterline Brewery

At Waterline, you can choose from many well-balanced beers that are all “brewed beneath the bridge.” The fact that they live by this motto shows that they are in an old warehouse that has been fixed up under the beautiful Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

Their large and pretty beer garden is one of our favorite places in the city to kick back with a cold one. They have a wide range of beers, from old favorites to new ones, from refreshing to daring, and from light to dark.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

The Waterline Kolsch is our favorite. It is one of six flagships that come in many different styles. The Coffee and Cream Ale is a great choice if you want to try something different. Take a tour of the brewery to learn more about its history and the beer it makes.

Is there a better way to relax at the end of the day than to hole up with a pint and watch the sun go down over the Cape Fear River? Live music is a common part of many of their events, like farmers markets and yoga classes.

Broomtail Craft Brewery

Broomtail is one of the best breweries in Wilmington, North Carolina, because its owners work hard to make the best beer possible. This cozy watering hole makes lagers and ales as clean as a lab and with the same precision.

They use wild yeast cultures and fermentations that happen on their own with bacteria and yeasts they find in the area. The Elysium is a famous drink, and the Smashing Grapefruits IPA is a tasty treat.

They care about the environment and want to give locals great beer, so they only use methods that are good for the environment. They are very respectful and interested in the art form they are making.

The Sour Barn is a separate building where barrels are used for aging and souring. Sour beers have been around longer than any other kind of beer because they are made in a more natural way. The beer garden is big and has a gazebo and a fire pit. Food trucks and bands often play there.

Mad Mole Brewing

The solar panels on the roof of this brewery in Wilmington aren’t the only reason it makes some of the best beers in the city.

Their 12 taps offer a wide range of drinks that are made by hand. They use cutting-edge techniques to find the most eco-friendly ways to make beer.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

The beer garden and open interior of Mad Mole make it a nice and relaxing place to drink. Here, food trucks like Salty Sistas and Trolly Stop serve some of the best food in the city.

We never knew we always wanted the job of naming Mad Mole’s beers. Some of the best beers, like the Raspberry Molay Kolsch, the Molesiac Monster IPA, and the Marilyn MonMole Belgian Blonde Ale, stand out because of their names or flavors.

Behind the shiny mole bar top, you can see the shiny tanks that are making your favorite drinks. Don’t miss the chance to help fund this solar-powered, happy place.

Bill’s Front Porch Pub & Brewery

At Bill’s, you can sit back and have a drink. The inside is made up of reclaimed wood, which gives it a rustic lodge feel. Check out the open tanks where the seven barrel steam system is used to make the beer.

You can choose from four mainstays and a few seasonals. Each pint is full of flavor, which makes it a treat to eat. We liked the Mankini Sour Blonde and the Bizznass in the Front Hoppy Lager a lot more than we thought we would.

On the menu, every dish is made from scratch and includes beer. People who go to Bill’s often talk about how great the fried chicken is. There’s a lively, friendly atmosphere that makes you want to stay for another cold beer and more conversation.

Stop by Bill’s often to see what talented people in the area are willing to share with the world. While they wait for the show to start on the projection screen, guests can watch a movie or play pinball.

Beach volleyball fans will like that it is part of Capt’N Bills, which is one of the best places in Wilmington to play. A great way to spend a day in Wilmington is to grab a drink and play a game on the beach.

Hi-Wire Brewing

This shop has been a favorite in Asheville for a long time, but it just opened its fifth location in Wilmington. It is not new to North Carolina, though.

They make beers that are well-balanced, easy to drink, and good for a session. Even though they make some classic types, they also like to try out new recipes in small batches.

There are 21 draft lines, and they have both basic drinks and drinks that are more complicated. The Hi-Pitch IPA is a popular choice, but the Black Pils is becoming more popular because of its unique flavor.

There are a lot of people who like the fruity beers in the session sour series and look for them. One way to learn about the different kinds of beer is to order a flight and try a bunch of them.

Best Breweries in Wilmington, NC

By putting regional food and art first, they give their customers and regulars a sense of belonging, which gives them a lot of satisfaction.

In the middle of the Soda Pop District, there is a big warehouse where people can hang out and play games like foosball, ping-pong, and cornhole, which is the state sport of North Carolina.

The mood is happy and exciting, making it a great place to hang out with friends and family. This brand-new brewery is quickly becoming known as one of the best places to drink beer in Wilmington.

Good Hops

Even though Good Hops is close to Wilmington, it is actually in Carolina Beach, so it can’t be called a “real” Wilmington brewery.

On the other hand, this great brewery is right over Snows Cut Bridge, where you can spend your free time in style. Good Hops has a beautiful outside area, and pets are welcome at the bar.

The main attraction is a small disc golf course, which is a great thing to do at a brewery when you don’t want to drink.

Panacea Brewing Company

Along with their beer, the Panacea Brewing Company is known for their artisan kombucha brews, which are probiotic living drinks.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, beers are served from a vintage Volkswagen Westfalia bus from 1975. This makes for a fun and friendly atmosphere that people can enjoy on a nice day.

Pineapple Hops, Peach Basil, and Lavender Hops are three of the best beers out there. Lavender Hops is my personal favorite.

If you prefer beer, try one of their Saisons or Cream Ales. Panacea not only has great drinks, but it also has tasty lunch options like Cauliflower Tacos and a Pimento Burger. On Sundays from 11 to 3, they serve a delicious brunch that you should not miss.

DrumTrout Brewing Company

In Wilmington, a new brewery called DrumTrout has opened. As soon as you walk into this one-of-a-kind pub on College Road in Fulton Station, you’ll feel right at home.

Since DrumTrout only makes small amounts of beer, they can make seasonal beers and try new things. Their 3 BBL direct fire brewhouse lets them make a wide range of beers, such as stouts, IPAs, porters, lagers, and sours, all of which can be found on tap at the same time.


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